Motorcycles, funky little towns, old historic roads, unique people and a chick on a bike. Sound fun?

My name is Anne. I ride a motorcycle and travel around the county to find all the small towns you either didn’t know about, or were to busy with your real lives to go visit. I’m a chick on a bike and I’ve got places to go.


To be clear, the purpose of this journey is not simply to have an excuse to travel around the country with only two wheels and a motor (although that is a plus). It is actually to put a microscope on the side of America that is a mystery to most Americans. Even if you live in a small town, you may not realize how similar, or different your town is to one a couple thousand miles away.

Since I started college I have done a lot of traveling, and visited some big cities (Rome, Paris, London, Washington DC, New York City, just to name a few). But some of my favorite places turned out not to be the big cities at all – it was the small towns, filled with small town people, that I met along the way.

These are the places you have to work to find, they don’t just pop up on the normal “tourist stops” map. But in my experience, these are the places where you meet the people you will remember for years to come. The people you stop to have a conversation with, instead of just passing them on the street.

Every town has it’s secrets, it’s mysteries, it’s gossip, it’s history, it’s good, and it’s bads. I mean to investigate the character hidden behind the old dusty roads of small town life.

(Oh and I’m doing it all on a motorcycle)


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